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Our Projects

Our Projects

Dental Care International Foundation Inc. has launched a transformative project in Africa aimed at addressing the critical need for dental care. Through our efforts, we have been diligently providing essential dental equipment and tools to clinics and practitioners across various regions in Africa. 

We are delighted to present this image showcasing a 20-foot container filled with dental equipment, meticulously prepared for shipment to Africa. This exemplifies our commitment to improving oral health in underserved communities by providing essential resources.

Image 5-16-23 at 3.32 PM.jpeg

We are pleased to share this compelling image capturing a dedicated dentist in Africa utilizing advanced dental equipment to provide essential treatment to children facing oral health challenges.

Image 5-16-23 at 3.39 PM.jpeg

We are delighted to announce one of our upcoming missions, ALWAYS SMILE By DCI Foundation, which aims to assist children born with cleft lip and palate by providing them with necessary equipment, resources, and treatments. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for these children and to promote awareness about the importance of oral health. Learn more here.

Image 5-16-23 at 5.13 PM.jpeg
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